He is risen! Now what?

John 21:3 - Simon Peter said to them, “I am going fishing.” They said to him, “We will go with you.”

Wasn’t Easter Weekend awesome?

Good Friday service was a somber reminder of what Jesus did for us. Benny and Eric led us in a time of acoustic worship where we could reflect on how all we bring to the cross is a mockery compared to what Jesus accomplished. We closed considering Christ’s victory, while remembering that his body was still in the grave. Then, on Easter Sunday, we had the stark contrast of celebratory worship as we considered that Jesus Christ, on a defined day in history, actually got out of the grave!

One of the things that I love about Easter is that it’s the one Sunday of the year when everyone who considers Restore “home” shows up on the same day. As our staff reflected on the weekend, we were struck by the commotion that comes with the number of kids in our church. Did you know that there are 51 kids under the age of 11 at Restore? That’s about 25% of the people who were in church on Sunday! The energy in the room, especially when all of our kids are in there with us, is palpable and matches the significance of the message of Christ’s resurrection.

The church calendar builds to a crescendo at Easter. It’s Holy Week. The most important week. Easter Sunday, the day when victory is declared. And then, if I’m being honest, Easter Sunday is awesome, and then I get a feeling of, “now what?”

I think the disciples felt like that, too. Imagine following Jesus around for three years, seeing him work miracles, heal the sick, give sight to the blind, listening to him teach and preach as if he was literally speaking for God himself(because he was). They watched as the number of people who followed Jesus continued to grow. Then, in a few days’ time, he was arrested, condemned, crucified, dead, buried, RISEN! “Now what?”

Each of the Gospel writers includes a couple of post-resurrection stories to make a point and show that the disciples really did see Jesus, but none of them cover it extensively. Our tendency is to think that the appearances occurred in very quick succession, but in reality, there was a reasonable amount of time between some of them. The disciples suddenly had a lot of time on their hands wondering what they were going to do now.

Peter thought, I guess I’ll go fishing.The disciples with him thought it was a pretty good idea. Might as well do something.

I think that’s how we’re supposed to feel after Easter weekend. I think we should look at the cross, see what Jesus accomplished, look into the empty tomb, embrace the risen Savior, and think, now what? That’s exactly the point. Now what? Now nothing. It’s been done. Completed. Finished. Victory. You’re free.

Go and tell someone. And then maybe go fishing.