Welcome!!! We’re so glad you stopped by Restore’s Kids’ Page!

We know being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and also the greatest thing you will ever do. We know it isn’t always easy, but we want you to know we’re here to help in any way we can. We may be called children’s ministry, but that doesn’t mean kids are the only people we care about. We care about you too!  

Kids need people in their lives who will show up to spend time with them, love them (and like them), and show them what it looks like to follow Jesus. Parents also need a whole community of people to help raise, train, and care for their children. That’s Restore Kids and we’d love for you to be part of that community.

Our hope is that each child who participates in our programs will experience the love of God through the covenant community and will be inspired to understand and live out the gospel. In doing so, we pray that each child will develop a love for God, for God’s Word, for the story of redemption, for the Church, and for the world.

At Restore Kids we have a variety of programs for children to participate in. And you don’t have to be a member of Restore to participate! Our programs are open to EVERYONE! If you attend Restore every week, attend a different church, or don’t currently have a church home we’d love to invite your children to participate!

Kids Classes: Every Sunday while parents and older siblings worship in our main sanctuary we have a separate places for children ages birth-2, 2 - 4, Pre-K4 - K, and 1st - 3rd grade where they can learn about and worship God at an age appropriate level. You can read more about those programs here.

Kids’ Clubs: These ministries happen APART from our Sunday Restore Kids programs. Each ministry focuses on building relationships with other kids their age through activities, games, and Bible Lessons. You can read more about our Kids’ Clubs here.

Kids in Community: At Restore we are all about community! Several times a year we hold events with the purpose of building community. These events are fun, family friendly activities, where we help kids connect with each other, with their families, and with ministry teams at Restore. Read more about these fun events here.

We’re so excited to see you and your children at one of our programs! Thank you for letting us be another voice in the life of your child. Your trust and partnership means a lot to us. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our ministries, please reach out to me directly! I would LOVE to chat with you!

Melissa Ritsma
Children’s Director