Your children are going to love RestoreKids! We want to make sure that every child who comes to Restore is safe, has a great time, and learns about Jesus. If you want to know how to get your children checked in to RestoreKids, keep reading.

1. Check-In

Restore Kids uses a program called Planning Center to securely check your child in (aka register them) for the service. Look for the Restore Kids check-in center in the fellowship hall located in the lower level of the church to begin the check-in process. 

If it’s your first time, a Restore Kids volunteer will be there to walk you through the process and assist you in determining which classroom is best for your child. 

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll receive a name tag sticker for each child, and a matching check-out tag for you. The number on your tag corresponds to the number on your child’s sticker! Also on each child’s sticker is the name of the room where they’ll be going.

You may check-in your child(ren) up to 30 minutes before the service starts.

2. Drop Off

We have Restore Kids volunteers waiting in each of our younger rooms (Babes, Toddler and PreK) eager to greet your children! After checking in, you may drop your child off in their room starting 5 minutes before the service starts.

The early elementary class begins worship with their families and will be dismissed to their teacher at the front right of the sanctuary during our time of announcements right before the sermon starts.

For Baby and Waddler Room: During service, we respectfully ask that no men enter into the Baby and Wadder room unannounced as there may be mom's nursing! If Dad needs to drop off a child to that room we ask that he knocks lightly before entering.


All classes will enjoy a variety of Christ centered activities each week. Restore Kids uses Grow curriculum to teach though the Bible each year. Each month children will explore a new topic and there will be a new fun theme that helps connect kids to that month’s teaching. With this 1-Year Teaching Strategy, the goal is to help kids grow spiritually by learning and applying what you teach in away that is developmentally appropriate.

Each week there will be a time of free play and getting to know each other followed by a Bible Story and lesson. Every lesson has games, activities, and songs to help the children further learn about the story and how to apply the lesson to their life. There will be an allergy friendly snack (e.g. goldfish or cheerios) and some water offered towards the end of class. If there is any time left over the kids can enjoy some more free play with their friends while they wait for their parents to finish worship.

INFANTS AND WADDLERS - While our Babies and Waddlers may not have formal curriculum our volunteers are intentionally spending time loving on your children. Every interaction with a child gives us the opportunity to model and teach about God's love for us.

4. Pick Up

After the service, simply return to the room, display your check-out tag and you’ll be able to pick up your child(ren), safe and sound! Children will be released from their classrooms only to a parent guardian or individual with the corresponding pick up tickets.

RestoreKids Volunteers can always be identified by their lanyards.