Can They See It On Your Face?

When Moses spent time in the presence of the LORD, his face would physically shine after coming down from the mountain. In Exodus 34:35, it is recorded that, “The people of Israel would see the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses’ face was shining.” It was so unsettling, that Aaron, Moses’ brother and the high priest of Israel, suggested that Moses wear a veil. “And Moses would put the veil over his face again, until he went in to speak with [the Lord].”

When you come to church, what does your face look like? After you celebrate Jesus through worship and opening the Word what does it look like? What an incredible thing it must have been to see Moses’ face shining after spending time in God’s presence. A respected brother of mine shared a very profound illustration with a few us. After we go on vacation, people often recognize it on our face. We may look refreshed, or even sun-tanned. Either way, people can see that we’ve spent time in the sun. Moses’ face literally reflected the glory of God.

When we spend time with God, I hope people would be able to see it on our faces. Maybe it won’t glow to the point of needing a veil like Moses, but people should be able to recognize that we’ve spent time in the presence of God. When you walk out of church on a Sunday afternoon is your face reflecting the glory of God to those you encounter? Nothing makes me happier than seeing joyful worshippers enjoying God’s presence during worship. 

Smiling and waving and clapping and just letting go can at times be a challenge for me. But when I am able to forget about what I may look like I am free to experience God’s glory and reflect on what He has done for me. Let’s be reflections of that glory together! See you Son-day!