I Remember Easter

I don’t think I’ve ever missed an Easter Sunday service. Even during periods of my life when I wasn’t attending church as frequently, I’m pretty sure I went on Easter! As a result, I have many memories of Easters-gone-by.

I remember being a kid and feeling like it always rained on Good Friday, and was sunny on Easter. I surmised that this was God’s divine plan, so that we’d remember the sadness of Friday and the happiness of Sunday. (Nevermind observational bias, or the fact that most of my Easter’s were experienced in the Northeast in March or April, when rain and sun in the same day are fairly common!)

I also remember having to wear my Easter outfits. I have no idea why my parents wanted to dress me up like an Easter egg: white pants and a pastel shirt. I hated my Easter outfits, primarily because I knew my mother would not approve of the inevitable grass stains when they finally released me from church. My children often ask me to tell the story of my friend Ian, who I may have “accidentally” pulled into a muddy ditch as we attempted to jump across in our Easter clothes. I’m not sure whose mom was angrier!

Even though my family attended most church services growing up; I still have those special memories of Easter. And if attendance is any indicator (it should be), so do many people in America. Even people who attend church infrequently remember Easter and make special effort to go to church on Easter Sunday.

Did you know that one of the first things the disciples did when they learned of Jesus resurrection was go and invite others to come and see? Many of our friends and neighbors will be remembering Easter in the next few days, and they’ll be wondering what church they can attend with their families where they can celebrate the good news. That’s a great opportunity for us to invite them to Restore (Good Friday 7pm, Easter Sunday 10:30am), where we celebrate the risen Savior every week.

The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation for our courage, for our boldness, for our hope, and for our joy. I’m looking forward to celebrating with our family this weekend as we remember Easter together.