Faith as a Motivator

I am reminded every day that my faith is a gift. 

As I go throughout my day I often realize that the things that drive the people around me are far different than the motivations that I am driven by. When I’m at work, I see that money is often the biggest motivation. When I am at the gym, narcissism is prevalent. When I talk with non-Christian friends, the biggest priority appears to be materialism.  And looking at social media, I often get the impression that what motivates people is actually all of the above.

I also realize, however, that without the gift of faith that I have been given my entire existence would be prioritized by these worldly things as well. I can say with 100% certainty that I would prioritize wealth, social status and materialism. My life would be characterized by these empty pursuits, and I thank the LORD that this is not the case. The faith I’ve been given reminds me that I have an eternity to look forward to with our Savior.  My identity is not based on the idols I may struggle with, but instead by being a child of God. That realization and that identity are a gift!

It has been said that this world we live in is the closest to heaven that we might ever see. I cannot fathom going through life knowing that this might be the case. What the gift of faith that I have been given reminds me is that, actually, this worldly existence is the closest to hell, or separation from God, that I will ever see. 

I can take comfort from the words of Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not seen.” As you go through your day, consider the confidence in those words that leave no room for doubt: assurance, conviction. The things that may stress you out or bog you down on a day to day basis shouldn’t be your primary motivator. 

Thank God for the gift of faith! When we understand the significance of the gift, every other motivator becomes a distance second by comparison.